At Wishful Wicks we are aware of the limited choices in candle designs that are on the market today. The traditional jar candles have been a staple in homes and have been given as gifts for years.  At first consideration they seem practical in design and cost effective.  However after examining the pros and cons of jar candles in comparison to Wishful Wicks luminary candles, the clear winner in cost, versatility, practicality, dirability and design is Wishful Wicks.

We strive to be the market leader in creativity quality and consistency.  Our visionary thinking continues to drive the development of new and exciting design.  Our goal is to exceed expectations by anticipating our clients needs and providing them with optimal customer service.  These luminaries are made one at a time with personalization and image transfer options available.  

The design of our luminaries makes for a superior product because the unique construction alleviates the need for a drip tray, and there is no danger of hot glass containers associated with jar candles.  The 1/2" thick walls are made of 100% paraffin and has a solid 3/4" base.  Securely mounted in the center of the luminary is a high quality thick glass insert that houses the tea light.  The only portion of this design that burns in the tea light itself.  the exterior remains unaffected and the illumination of the design comes from the inside out producing a 'backlight' effect.  They never get too hot to the touch and can last for years if cared for properly.  Because they are 100% paraffin they have no additives like store bought candles. You may choose to burn scented, unscented, or soy tea lights as well as using LED lights for a flameless luminary.  Storage of these luminaries should be in a cool dry place, and packaged with bubble wrap or tissue.  

Please note that the mini luminaries do not have a glass insert due to their size and come with an LED light.  Due to their smaller size the heat from a tea light will cause internal drip and therefore an LED light is recommended.